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Our Coaching Staff

We are proud of our highly qualified, USAG Safety Certified staff of team coaches. They are enthusiastic, dedicated educators with a strong commitment toward physical fitness and individual achievement.

Tatiana Kamarskaya (Owner, Recreational/Team Coach)

Tatiana Kamarskaya has over 29 years of highly successful coaching experience in the United States and in the former Soviet Union. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Tatiana was a member of the Ukraine National Team, winner of the National Championship and prize holder of the USSR Acrobatics Championships. Four of her students in the USSR became Masters of Sport, two became International Masters of Sport and one of her students became a bronze medallist at the World Championships in France in 1992. Tatiana has received numerous invitations to teach clinics and choreograph gymnastics routines around the U.S. While on the West Coast, Tatiana conducted gymnastics clinics with Bela Karoli, Arthur Acopian and other successful coaches and gymnasts. Additionally, Tatiana is one of the founders and operators of Exxcel Gymnastics.

Gary Leykin (Owner, Recreational/Team Coach)

With over 30 years of coaching experience, Gary Leykin has a wealth of credentials in the field of gymnastics. His personal gymnastics achievements include being a Champion with the United Team of Belorussia, being a Youth Championship winner of the former USSR, and holder of the Honored Master Sport award (which is the highest level achievable in Soviet athletics). Following 17 years as coach/instructor, while serving as a regional board member of DINAMO in the USSR, Gary coached two students who qualified for membership on the 1986 USSR Olympic team. Upon coming to the United States, he was head coach of Spectrum Gymnastics in Brockton, MA for two years. During these years, he coached one student to qualify for the U.S. Junior National Team. In 1998, Gary opened Exxcel Gymnastics. Since, he has successfully developed one of the best boys’ gymnastics programs in Massachusetts.

Alex Toumilovich (Optional Girls Team Director)

Alex Toumilovich has achieved the highest level attainable as a gymnast in international men’s gymnastics, while competing for Belorussia. His personal achievements include participation as a Member of the USSR National Team and being a European All-Around Bronze Medallist. He has had equal success as a coach of women’s gymnastics. His accomplishments include coaching three students who earned the coveted “Master of Sports” titles, a silver medal winner in the 1996 World Championships and two national champions. Selected to be an International Gymnastics Judge, his judging experience includes the World Championships in 1994, Pre-Olympic Trials in 1995 and European Championships in 1994, 1996 and 1998. When Exxcel began operating in 1998, Alex was among the first staff members to join us as a team coach. He is an invaluable asset to our coaching staff.

Melissa McManus (Exxcel Team Director)

Melissa McManus has been involved in competitive gymnastics for over 15 years both as a USAG competitive gymnast for CRGA and as a coach. She has approx 13 years experience as a dancer. Since then, Melissa has received a BS in Finance and Economics from Stonehill College. Melissa joined the Exxcel staff in 2001 teaching recreational gymnastics and has gone on to coach and help grow Exxcel’s Compulsory and Prep Opt Teams. She has also been our Summer Camp Director since 2005. Over the past few years, Melissa has coached 10 State, 4 Regional and 1 National Champion.

Laura Fields (Prep Opt Team Director/Level 4 Program Coordinator)

Laura was a competitive gymnast for CRGA for 8 years during which she was a MA State champion and Regional TOPS qualifier. She joined Exxcel in 2003 and works with our Prep Opt team. She has coached many state champions. During college at UMass, she won Best All Around on her cheerleading team. Laura led her team to a 3rd place finish at Nationals. She received her degree in 2008 in Marketing from UMass Amherst.

Rustam Vahitov (Boys Team/Circus Director)

Rustam has more than 12 years of experience in gymnastics and performing in circuses across the globe. Most recently, he was a member of the Golden Circus in Rome where he specialized in high wire and acrobatics. Rustam has been coaching gymnastics for years and has joined Exxcel to work with our Teams.

Hassan Jawad (Birthday Party Director/Boys Team Coach)

Hassan has been with Exxcel for the past 3 years. He began gymnastics 10 years ago and trained at the Russian Cultural Center in Lebanon. He studied economics at the American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon. Hassan is also a main coach for the Exxcel Boys Team.

Kristin Cerrato (Dynamos Program Coordinator/Team Coach)

As a competitive gymnast of eight years, Kristin Cerrato won two State Championships and competed in regional competitions. Since that time, Kristin has earned a B.S. in Education with an emphasis in elementary education. Kristin began instructing gymnasts at Exxcel in 1999 and has grown to be a highly respected member of our coaching staff.

Christine Curran (Preschool Program Director)

Christine has been employed at Exxcel since 2003. She has been teaching preschool gymnastics for over ten years. She formerly coached youth cheerleading and has run and directed many successful cheerleading camps on the South Shore. She has earned her Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) as well as a certificate in Movement Education Lesson Plan Development (MELPD). Her love and passion for working with children has helped our program to grow and thrive.

Matt Thompson (Climbing Director)

Matt is a physical education teacher with 14 years of coaching experience. He has been rock climbing and mountaineering for more than 4 years. He has climbed the highest mountain peak in North America, Mount McKinley (also known as Denali) in Alaska. While living in Nepal, Matt climbed many of the mountain peaks surrounding Mount Everest in the Himalayas. He has an extensive background working with children with all different forms of physical and mental disabilities.  Matt has 2 degrees from the State University of New York in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology. He was also a professional runner for 5 years, as a backup for the U.S. Olympic Team.

Kendra Medeiros (Director of Cheerleading)

Kendra Medeiros currently coaches the All Star Cheerleading Teams. She has been at Exxcel since 2004 where she has coached youth, junior and senior level teams. Kendra has coached many levels of cheerleading including All Star, High School and Pop Warner Programs. Kendra is MSSAA certified judge, NCJC Certified, AACCA Certified, USAG Safety Certified, First Aid and CPR certified, and USAF Certified in Stunts, Tosses and Tumbling (Levels 1-5). Kendra teaches the various cheer camps and clinics offered at Exxcel along with Cheerleading and Tumbling Classes.

Amy Brubaker Donahue (Parent’s Morning Out Director)

Amy has been teaching at Exxcel for 5 years and has been teaching gymnastics for 30 years. Amy holds a degree in Biology and secondary teaching certification from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Though she enjoys teaching children of all ages, she has a soft spot for our youngest gymnasts and loves to create a fun and fantasy filled environment for her students.  "The best learning happens when the kids are engaged, challenged, and having a grand time."  says Amy -- " If that means turning a gym mat into a Pirate ship or inventing songs on the spot I am more then happy to oblige!"

Asya Sutbayeva (Recreational Coach)

Asya was born in Kazakhstan. She has a Master of Sport for Artistic Acrobatics. Asya was a member of the Kazakhstan National Team where she won Gold and Silver medals at the National Championships. Her students are medalists at International Competitions (World Championships, Asian Championships, and National Championships). She was selected to be an International judge from 2001-2008. While at Exxcel, Asya will coach classes and girls team.

Edison Carvajal (Recreational Coach)

Edison is a former member of the Colombian National Gymnastics Team. He competed professionally for 8 years. He participated in many prestigious competitions including the South American Games, Pan American Championships, Bolivarian Countries Games and the World Championships in Anahaim, California. Edison has 9 years experience as a Professional gymnastics recreational and competitive Coach.