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At Exxcel Gymnastics & Climbing, kids matter most. Our primary focus is on the well-being and development of children. In our nurturing and secure environment, dedicated and caring professional teachers are committed to fostering confidence and self-esteem in our young learners. While we emphasize improving coordination and teaching technique, our ultimate goal is to inspire a genuine love for learning in our students and equip them to embrace new challenges. We actively encourage kids to recognize that making mistakes is a natural part of growth.

Our passion extends beyond gymnastics and climbing; we firmly believe that engaging in sports is a powerful means of instilling healthy attitudes and lifelong values in children. As they learn to tumble and climb, they also acquire essential qualities such as respect for others and a deep appreciation for their own self-worth. At Exxcel Gymnastics & Climbing, we proudly declare, "Where KIDS matter most."

Registration should be done online through the Exxcel Gymnastics app (download free through the App store). If you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know. We will be adding additional classes! If you have any questions, please email office@exxcel.net or call 617-244-3300.

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Exxcel Gymnastics & Climbing …Where KIDS matter most!