ninja warrior

Ninja Warrior

Ages 4 - 5
45 minutes

OH NO! There are no stop signs for your children at this stage. This exciting class will enhance and introduce:

  • Sport Skills
  • Fine and Gross Motor Play
  • Balancing
  • Social Interaction
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Ninja Training

Your child's confidence will soar as they learn new skills and develop independence. Everyone will be encouraged to explore and stretch their imaginations. This class will also emphasize listening and direction following. There is no better time than now to learn the basic fundamentals to sports.

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Ages 5-7
1 hour

Jam packed fun for your children. This exhilarating class will focus on basic skills used in sport and Ninja training. A not-competitive class emphasizing co-operative play, direction following and teamwork. Many sports will be incorporated within the class. Different form of play therapy will be an essential element within the class structure. Ninja obstacle training and creative fitness development are made fun to learn.

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