Exxcel's preschool students use scaled-down, age-appropriate equipment, obstacle courses, parachutes, hula-hoops, and music to learn basic gymnastics skills within the context of fun, educational themes. All of Exxcel's preschool classes are co-ed with the exception of Exxcel Jets (girls only).

We understand child development, and we've designed our classes to meet the cognitive, social, and physical needs of young children. At Exxcel, small successes never go un-noticed, and a nurturing class environment makes for happy, healthy kids.

In Exxcel's Preschool program, you'll also find:

  • Small teacher-to-student ratios
  • A large variety of classes and times
  • Unique lesson plans
  • Qualified, caring teachers, and
  • Tons of fun!

Classes start at just 18 months. Please see our class descriptions below.

2 years – 3 years
45 minutes

Mom, Dad & Tots offers age-appropriate lessons in creative expression and movement through the use of music, playful games and gymnastics apparatus. Parents and tots learn together in this fun-filled class. Parental involvement provides toddlers with a comfortable environment in preparation for the transition to independent gymnastics classes. This class provides wonderful bonding experiences and memories to last a lifetime.
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2.5 – 3 years
45 minutes

Tiny Tumblers is a transitional class for students who have previously completed at least one session of a parent/toddler class, and have been recommended by the teacher. Students must be good listeners and able to move independently. Basic gymnastics skills are taught on scaled-down gymnastics apparatus. This class also focuses on large and fine motor skills, numbers, shapes, colors, and letters. Students participate in cooperative games, move to music, and learn about sharing and taking turns.
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3 – 5 years
45 minutes

Super Tumblers is an independent class focused on movement education and creative expression. Modified gymnastics apparatus is utilized to create a specially-designed program for preschool children. The classes are structured with new lesson plans every week, and also include theme weeks to make learning fun. Basic gymnastics is introduced in a fun, playful way with the help of music and games to further the development of self-confidence and spatial awareness.
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3 – 5 years
1 hour

Super Duper Tumblers is an intermediate-level version of Super Tumblers. Prior gymnastics experience is recommended. Students continue to build upon basic gymnastics skills to boost physical fitness and develop coordination. New weekly lesson plans create a structured learning environment, and theme weeks make learning gymnastics exciting and fun.
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