Girls Gymnastics Teams

Competitive Gymnastics is a rewarding sport that fosters strength, focus, teamwork, determination, and personal satisfaction. We're proud of our teams and our coaches. Exxcel's Girls Teams have won many individual and team awards, as well as state, regional, and national titles. Our girls have gone on to elite levels of competition and earned prestigious college scholarships.

We select team coaches very carefully - creating a unique combination of discipline, structure, hard work, nurture, and fun to bring out the best in each of our athletes. Exxcel's team coaches have years of experience training and competing athletes at the highest levels, and many also bring their own international competition experience.

At the team level, gymnastics is also a demanding sport that requires time, energy, dedication and commitment. We understand however, that there is life outside the gym. For that reason, there are varying levels of commitment within the Exxcel Girls Team program to suit different goals and lifestyles.

If you have specific program questions or would like to request an evaluation, please contact our Girls Team Director, Melissa McManus at (617)244-3300.

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Girls Team options:

4 – 7 years

Pre-Team meets twice a week for a total of 4 hours. Gymnasts must exhibit good form and execution on basic gymnastics skills to be recommended to pre-team. Practices revolve mostly around TOPS conditioning and flexibility. Students will participate in an Exxcel meet with basic routines.

LEVEL 2 – 5

These are the compulsory levels of competition within USA Gymnastics, consisting of routines with the same requirements and music as authorized by USA Gymnastics. Each level builds on the skills of the previous level and is likewise judged with higher expectations. Athletes are arranged in age groups at competitions and compete in about 8 meets per year.

LEVEL 6 – 10

Levels 6-10 are considered “optional” levels. In the “optional” levels, routines are individualized according to the athlete’s strengths. Optional gymnasts will have their own routines, distinctively choreographed using their own music and personal style. Gymnasts compete in about 8 meets per year. Travel may be required. Requirement and expectations increase with each level.

8 – 14 years

Exxcel Dynamos Team meets twice a week for a total of 5 hours. Students develop advanced skills and create their own routines. Strength, flexibility and endurance are emphasized. The Dynamos are a strictly non-competitive team, but will have the opportunity to participate in one local Exxcel Meet each year.

XCEL Team (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond)

The XCel Program is designed to offer a broad-based, competitive experience outside the traditional Jr. Olympic Program. Exxcel currently offers four levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Gymnasts develop individual routines on each event according to specific guidelines for difficulty and composition.The XCel teams practice 6-9 hours per week and compete in approximately 8 meets per year (throughout New England and beyond).